Smart Voice connects with a range of automation systems, providing voice control of almost any device within your smart home. Smart Voice can turn on the lights, open the blinds, set the temperature, control your TV & AV systems or even make you a coffee. Feedback is also provided from your smart devices, such as how much energy you are using or the current temperature.



DALI control combines lighting, emergency and control on one platform. Simple to design and install, scalable, flexible and robust. A DALI driver is an intelligent device that can be configured to remember its power-on level, maximum level, minimum level, system failure level, fade rate and fade time. A device can belong to up to 16 groups and store up to 16 preset scene levels. A true DALI lighting system can report the level of every device and the status of every device and lamp. It can automatically test emergency fittings and report their status. True DALI systems also enable controllers from multiple vendors to be used on the DALI line.